Professional Cigar Rollers


Create a buzz at your next corporate event, nothing brings people together more than a new experience and our master cigar rollers ensures that. Corporate events are great way to bring clients over to close a deal with smoke in the air.


Nothing makes your wedding more memorable then a Cigar Roller present at your special day , We give your guests a front row seat to experience the art of cigar rolling , Create a memory with a cigar as a part of celebration on your special day and a wedding culture, Cigars are a symbol of celebration, success and having a good times with friends and family or a start of conversation with stranger, any occasion is a good excuse to light up a cigar whether it’s a Baby shower Birthday party Bachelor party, trade show, anniversary.


Golfing with friends, families and clients don’t do justice without a cigar and what better way to do it with you own personal live cigar roller on site, Enjoy a cigar and end your game with a win with some smoke in the air.

Cigar Roller, Female Cigar Rollers :Our Cigar Rollers are professionals and have years of experience and provide with an excellent cigar making service and have done hundreds of events cigar Roller use pre-aged and cured tobacco to enrich flavored and making it a very enjoyable experience. Don’t worry about company who doesn’t seem professional or provide insurance for your venue.

Live Cigar Bar will work with you in bringing live cigar rollers to your next event!

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Wedding Cigar Roller