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Over a decade of cigar rolling experience with our own premium cigar blends we bring you the taste of luxury to your next event. Enhance one of the best live cigar rolling experience your guest will remember.  We specialize in recreating the authentic flavors of Cuba by hand rolling cigars for any kind of events. Our tobacco leaves are grown in Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Connecticut all from Cuban seeds. The tobacco used in our cigars are aged for years to bring out the perfect blend that always has guests ask for more, specialized to the perfect blend to be smooth and easy to smoke for the first time smokers while flavorful and rich for the aficionados.
Our knowledgeable rollers will give your guests a step by step break down on the art of hand rolling experience that showcases the unique making of gourmet cigars, we are passionate about bringing the best experience and sharing the sophistication of cigar smoking for any kind of events from weddings, golf tournaments, birthday parties, formal dinners, anniversaries, corporate events, and anything in between you can think we are available coast to coast.

Our master rollers are available in major US cities whether your in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Memphis, New York, Washington DC and more …

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